sushi platter delivery for London

You’ll not find a better sushi delivery service in London than Sushi Rolls. Our expert sushi chefs take the utmost care with every aspect of your delivery. Our platters are great for business meetings or team lunches, and yes, they do look like the photos. (proof)

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Sushi Delivery London


Sushi Delivery Platter

If you’re having an office lunch or sushi party, our sushi platter deliveries will be sure to impress. We’ve even some without rice and many without fish to ensure there’s something for everyone. Take a look at our menu and build your own sushi platter.

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Sushi Delivery | Wholesale

Our wholesale sushi deliveries are great for those who are having a large event, but don’t want the fuss of hiring a sushi chef. We can just drop off consistently perfect sushi for you to serve as you wish, even if it’s just laying it out for guests to help themselves.

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How much sushi should I order?

Our little guide to ordering sushi online…
Knowing how much sushi to order can be tricky, but here’s a guide to help you decide.

As a starter…
Starter Suggestion
5-7 pieces
per person

As canapés…
Canapé Suggestion
9-11 pieces
per person

As a meal…
Meal Suggestion
12-16 pieces
per person

The above will give you some idea when ordering sushi, but you should also take into account how long people have to eat and the type of event – people will eat less at a formal function than if they were at a friend’s party.

You can also use our new quick order form and we’ll work out the quantities for you.


Delivery across London

Sushi Delivery London

We deliver sushi across London and can also deliver to the Home Counties or further for large orders and events. Delivery to London EC & WC postcodes is always free but charges may apply for areas outside of this.

Please give 48 hours notice

Sushi Delivery Calendar

We’ll always do our best to accommodate you but we ask for at least 24 hours notice for most orders and 48 hours for larger deliveries. We can also arrange for regular deliveries for office lunches.

Delivered right on time

Sushi Delivery Clock

We recommend delivering sushi up to an hour before serving. The sushi should not be left at room temperature for more than 3 hours. You should also avoid refrigerating the sushi before service as it can spoil the taste and texture.


Sushi Catering | Chef Hire

Our sushi chefs have at least 12 years experience, ensuring you get perfect sushi every time.

Sushi Catering | Fresh Ingredients

We use the best suppliers and ensure our daily deliveries are always up to our chefs’ high standards.

Sushi Catering | Customer Service

The utmost care and consideration goes into each and every sushi platter we make.

Our sushi is given as much attention, if not more than you’ll get in most restaurants.
From menu design to presentation, everything is carefully considered and constantly refined.

Take a look at our sushi platter menu and order your sushi today.

Our sushi platters on Pinterest

Check out some images of our sushi platters on Pinterest.