Vegan Sushi Recipes

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Pickled Carrot Rocket Avocado Sushi Rolls

Sushi is one of those rare cuisines with so much versatility that you can adapt it for almost all tastes, allergies and dietary needs; without compromising on flavour or losing the essence of the dish.

As we all know by now, sushi refers to the rice, a carefully cooked type of Japanese rice with a unique density, size and flavour. The time and effort that goes into learning how to make perfect sushi rice is of huge importance and many top sushi chefs are famed for having spent years in training to become head chef.

What you pair with the rice to make your sushi rolls is really up to you and the flavours and food you enjoy. There are loads of great flavour combinations available but for today we’re going to focus on our favourite 5 vegan sushi rolls.

If you want to make sushi at home then this sushi making starter kit has everything you need to give it a try.

Pickled Carrot Avocado Dragon Roll Pickled Carrot, Avocado Dragon Roll
This king of vegan sushi combines carrot, cucumber and basil as an inside-out roll and then tops it with delicately cut avocado scales for a dangerously good looking sushi roll.
Honey Thyme and Carrot Sushi Rolls Honey & Thyme Roasted Carrot Uramaki
A Sushi Rolls special, this sweet combination of honey and carrot looks great and tastes even better. Similar to the dragon roll with added ingredients on the outside, this sushi roll honey and thyme roasted carrot, wrapped in inari (seaweed wrap) and sushi rice, then topped with roasted carrot ribbons and toasted sesame seeds.
Sushi Rolls Daikon Salad Wrap Daikon Salad Wrap
A uniquely flavoured wrap using daikon (you’ll know it from those delicious vietnamese banh mi), cucumber red pepper and enoki mushrooms, wrapped in rice paper instead of the traditional inari.
Pickled Carrot Rocket Avocado Sushi Rolls Pickled Carrot, Rocket and Avocado Futomaki
This vegan combo is much closer to traditional sushi with the inari on the outside, holding the rice and veg together. There’s a bit of extra work here to pickle the carrot but nothing you can’t handle while you wait for that rice to cook to perfection.
Red Pepper Nigiri with Purple Shiso Red Pepper Nigiri with Purple Shiso
A very simple yet vibrant addition to any vegan sushi platter. The rich red roasted pepper is carefully placed atop of expertly formed sushi rice and held together with a ribbon of inari and a purple shiso flower to finish.

There are loads of other options for a great sushi roll, for example, if you’re not keen on fish but don’t want to go full veggie, then why not try seared beef tataki or a panko chicken roll like those pictured below.

Beef Tataki Nigiri Panko Chicken in Rice Paper

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