Top 5 Sushi Platter Deliveries in London

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It’s delicious and healthy. It looks great and makes a change from the usual party fare. Sushi’s getting bigger and bigger in London and as Londoners ourselves, we thought it was high time we gave you a rundown of your five best bets for buying a sushi platter in the capital. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, office party or even a hen party, we’ve created this little guide to help you choose the right sushi platter for your event…

Yo Sushi LogoYo! Sushi yo sushi - sushi platter round

Everyone knows this high-street superpower. In spite of what some might see as gimmicks and garishness, YO! have done a lot to demystify sushi in the public’s eyes. If you’re looking for some sushi without all the bells and whistles you can order a £40 mixed platter suitable for about eight people – check out our mini guide explaining how much sushi to order per person. This used to be limited to a selection of their London stores but it looks like it’s been expanded with the use of JustEat.

VERDICT: A big name, so you’ll get consistency but not a lot of creativity.

Feng Sushi Logo Feng SushiFeng Sushi Platter

Lesser known than YO! but with 14 years of experience in the sushi delivery industry, Feng are knowledgable when it comes to sushi. They offer a good middle of the range option and are able to deliver within a few hours, even with bigger orders. Their sushi is listed as classic, executive and healthy. You can order a 42-piece party platter for £54. Feng deliver from a number of stores within London but only go further afield for large orders.

VERDICT: A tried and tested pair of hands.

Marks & SpencerMarks and SpencerMarks & Spencer Sushi Platter

M&S are the wild card in our selection of platter providers. They’re no sushi specialists, however, they’re worth considering if you’re looking to provide sushi on a tight budget.

M&S have a huge selection of different food types that might suit any kind of party. However, for the purpose of this, we are most interested in their sushi. Their large platter consists of 48 pieces and you need to order it two days in advance. It’s very reasonably priced at only £20 and is packaged ready for the table. The sushi will no doubt have been refrigerated to death, so will probably sit somewhere in between Tesco sushi and Yo! Sushi, in terms of quality and flavour.

Reviews are generally positive but we have come across complaints of too much rice and a lack of condiments. This is unsurprising given the price bracket but is still a good option if you’re on a budget and aren’t inviting too many sushi aficionados!

VERDICT: Bargain basement option for a no-frills do.

wasabi sushi bar logoWasabi

With 32 stores in London alone there’s a good chance you’ll have come across Wasabi if you’ve spent much time in the city.

wasabi classic sushi platterWasabi can arrange for bespoke packages to make sure you get your sushi selection just the way you want it, although they’re renowned for using robots to make pretty much all their sushi, leaving pretty mundane tasting and looking sushi.

However, if you are looking for something more modest, Wasabi offer a selection of “party sets” including vegetarian-only and sashimi sets. These range from £25-£30 and are all available for delivery in London. Wasabi recommend you give them at least a day’s notice if you’re planning on ordering more than one of these sets or spending more than £50.

VERDICT: The wasabi may be the best bit, but reasonable value nonetheless. 

Sushi Rolls LogoSushi RollsSushi Platter Delivery

Now bear with us because of the whole bias thing – we’ll let you be the judge of our sushi, as all our customers are – but if you want restaurant quality sushi, sourced from the same suppliers as the likes of Nobu, and with chefs from the same ilk, you’ve found us.

Quality and presentation is our number one priority, just take a look at these photos of our sushi platters if you’re curious. We offer outstanding sushi at very reasonable prices, using ingredients to at least the standard you’d expect from London’s top sushi restaurants.

As well as our outstanding sushi platters and Japanese canapés, we offer plenty of other catering services. For example you can hire our highly experienced sushi chefs to make sushi at your event or sushi party, which is a proven crowd pleaser and treat for your guests.

VERDICT: You be the judge – you can order a sushi platter here and we’d love to hear your thoughts!